Plenty More TF2 Updates On The Way

Over two years on from the game's release, every Team Fortress 2 class save the Engineer has received a major update. Does that mean, then, that there's only one major update left in the game? No way.

In an interview with Team Fortress 2 community site Community Fortress, Valve's Robin Walker has said "We've got multiple updates in the works still, at least one of which will land before the Engineer pack. As always, we haven't planned too much out beyond that point, because we want to see what feedback we get from the community."

Multiple updates, but only one for the engineer. If this isn't the most exhaustively supported game out there, I'll eat my Heavy's fluffy hat.

Robin Walker on Competitive TF2 and Future Updates [Community Fortress]


    Playing since day one (release date) and still no hats (besides the "free ones")

    Here's to hoping one of those updates will make Sandvich a playable class.

      you know those are generally inanimate right?
      the most damage you could do is give someone indigestion

        But what if the Indigestion crits?

          Spy sandvich poisons Heavy? 1 out of 10 sandviches is a crit?

          BAD HAM, BAD!

    Been playing since release, <3 Valve, a company that cares about its fan base

    God I wish one of the upcoming updates would remove the latest update (demo/solly) it's flat out ruined public matches for me, my whole clan and a lot of other people. If I see one more demo wave around that horrible sword with his shitty shield.... I WILL CRY.

    And naturally as each update comes out the players will jump up and down with such excitement as if a new game was actually coming out...


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