Pokewalker Dated For US

Already released in Japan to monster sales, the three million–selling Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver has been dated for the US market.

The games are remakes of Game Boy titles Pokémon Gold and Silver, and their 2009 release in Japan correspond to the 10th anniversary of the titles. The games are bundled with a pedometer called the "Pokéwalker", which can increase experience and in-game currency. These peripherals can also be used to trade items.

HeartGold/SoulSilver will be out in the US on March 14.


    Seriously, who would repurchase a Pokemon game that's had a little upgrade? I still have my Silver version and my Gameboy Colour, so I really can't see the point in these games...

    5 Days before my Birthday, but I'm in Australia :(

    Any word if Australia is getting them at same time, or will I need to cross my fingers + import if I want to start raising my Cyndaquil when I turn 20?

    I'll probably import one of these even though I've got them for gameboy colour. Sure it's another rehash but it was one of the best Pokemon games ever released so replaying it should be fun enough to justify the money.

    Australia gets it March 11th apparently
    or the monday if you chat up your local game store cos thats when they'd get them literally delivered.
    but is pokemon worth chatting up your local games shop worker?

    I would buy a DSi if they would make a pokemon style game but with cool monsters and demons and zombie type things. As it stands I dislike how most of the pokemon look, except for most of the original 150.

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