Pole Shows Gamers 4 Croydon Closing On Atkinson

As seen on the Gamers 4 Croydon twitter feed.


    Can gamers for croydon lobby against the internet filter and that web neutrality stuff?

      Yes, but they'd be a drop in the pond as an independant in parliament.

        Ahh a "too hard, don't bother" post. Lovely.

        In fact, independents often have a disproportionate amount of influence when a party needs them to get leglislation over the line.

      Yeah thats something that seems to have come and been passed without me ever noticing it. I mean if there was somewhere I could register an opinion or vote on such a subject I would have happily blasted the idea. Is there anything we can do to try and fight the internet filter?

    And what about the (almost) banning of R rated movies in South Australia.
    R rated movies in SA now have to be hidden from display, including all merchandise and advertising.
    DVD covers have to be completely covered, showing only the title.

      They don't have to be hidden from display, but rather be contained in their own section, regardless of genre.

    This is going to have some serious repurcusions. Doesn't this fall under trespassing?

    While I support the move of Gamers 4 Croydon, this act can only add support to Atkinson's negative stereotypes of gamers.

      I don't know exactly where the sign is, or precisely how they've placed it, but posting movable signs in public places for the purpose of electoral advertising is generally legal in most states (as far as I know). The fact that they've posted it directly under Atkinson's sign is certainly provocative, but I don't think it's illegal (not knowing the exact location, of course, it's hard to tell)

      its a political support banner for gamers 4 croydon. People do stuff like this all the time throughout the world.

      Man australia is a great country, but i dont like the internet filter and the r rating on movies situation....

    nice to see SOMEONE out there in australia with the balls to shake things up. change won't happen via blogging and whining, people need to get out there, hijack the media, get some other points of view out into the mainstream audience, plaster MP's cars with paint detailing their cause, turn the sheeple into actual thinkers once again. apathy rules australia in this day and age. who would have thought the digital age of free media would bring about even more censorship and erosion of rights? people are too quick to follow and obey. you want change - get your arses out there and make it yourself. ohh shi- *falls off soapbox*

    Sorry to be a Spelling Nazi, but isn't it Poll not Pole

      Time to enroll in Puns 101.

      look at the picture again...


      pretty sure that was intended, how the banner looks to be up against the Pole that has Mr Atkinson has his own sign on...

      Sorry Spelling Nazi but you fail

      The sign is next to a "pole" holding up the Atkinson sign - hence they used the word "pole" and not "poll"

      Its a clever heading I must say

    Wait there's no ... oh I see what you did there

    Tee Hee. Pole.

    Thanks for not editing out the contact details as well :)

    'Mick' Atkinson? I got a belly laugh out of that one.

    Maybe it has something to do with what happens when you google *Michael* Atkinson.

      More likely to try and make people think that he's a down to earth, easy going, approachable kind of guy. Instead of an uptight, arrogant politician.

      Go Gamers 4 Croydon. If I was still a South Australian resident I would vote for you in a second.

    Haha, pole ... gap ... Golden

    Nice subby. +1

    They have my vote, and the votes of a few other gamers I know in Croydon. Probably not enough to win, but maybe they will get some press out of it.

    * cough cough

    they should have a clock, like on 24 (the tv show) counting down....

    A sign? That's their grand strategy?

    Also, where's this so-called media coverage outside the gaming sites on the net? Aside from L4D2 getting dumbed down, none of the R18 debate is getting on the main headlines.

    Actually, scrap that. Seems I haven't watched sunrise lately. Thnx youtube.

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