Project Natal Launching This Holiday Season

It's always been strongly hinted at, but today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft's Robbie Bach has confirmed it: Project Natal will be out this "holiday season".

Nothing more specific than that was offered, but we take "holiday season" to be "November". Guess the motion-sensing peripheral's other important aspects - namely its price, included games and final name (remember, "Project Natal" is just a working title) - will have to wait for E3.


    No complaints here. Any extra time they spend perfecting it, and also allowing dev's to get behind it, is welcome by me.

    If it was late next year I would wonder if this is what the Mayans predicted.

    My main problem will be the price of the thing and then the games for it.

    Will they up the price of Natal games if Natal is cheap. Will games be downloaded through Zune Marketplace if there not really large enough to be retail versions.

    I hope they announce things like these (minus the price and exact date) sooner than later. Show some games being developed for it and not those side-games like head-butting a ball.

    it will probarbly cost about half the price of the console launch.

      Didn't they already mention pricing? Like $50US or something?


      That couldn't be true. Half the price of the console's launch price is still like $500! thats as much as a brand new xbox (about $50 more in fact)

    Don't forget that Fable 3 is supposed to be utilizing project Natal, and that's not supposed to be out until the end of the year. I reckon it will be one of the launch titles, possibly along with Halo: Reach.

    If I decide to buy it, I won't be paying over AUD$70 for it though.

    Not to be a stick in the mud here but:
    Why is everyone so excited about this? Its motion controllers on a different console the only difference is that it has better graphics than the Wii. I am not saying that the 360's hardware isnt capable but don't hold your breath!

    IF its out in Oct/Nov, thats only ~10 months away! That's not much time to give developers to on a new platform if they have only just decided on final specs (I heard -yes he spoke, in his own voice, Sega's former 3rd Party development manager or something close to that title -on Drunken Gamers Radio, say: Microsft was currently downgrading its initial targeted features for the device to get it down to a set price.) So dont expect anything but shallow/rushed software from 3rd parties (and probably Microsoft too) in the initial launch wave.

      actually, it may have been on the 4guys1up podcast -I listened to them all in a row at work that day.

    Yeah, I hope the 360 isn't gonna turn into a Wii copycat and have a ton of shovelware.

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