Project Runway Consultant: Mario Is Dressed “Appropriately”

Project Runway Consultant: Mario Is Dressed “Appropriately”

With Project Runway: The Video Game asking gamers to make virtual appraisals of real fashion, MTV Multiplayer flipped the premise, asking the show’s Tim Gunn to make a real appraisal of virtual clothing. In this case, Mario’s.

Give Gunn this, he played ball. Asked to give a critique, he gave one, no silly puns or attempts to make this more funnier than the premise. A partial quote:

“Overalls are always a challenge, and with the red top, and the work boots … He looks like what he is … sorry, I mean that only in the nicest way to plumbers everywhere. [long pause]It’s hard to take service clothes and make them fashionable. … Frankly, they’re service clothes, so functioning, performance comes first. In that regard, Super Mario is dressed appropriately.

Gunn’s full evaluation, on video, is at the link.

Tim Gunn of ‘Project Runway’ Critiques Super Mario’s Fashion Sense [MTV Multiplayer]


  • if they manage to make a good fashion videogame, itd be cool. Id tell all the girls they are too fat and then too skinny and too fat and too skinny and then kill them through anorexia.

    Awesome game.

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