PS3 Just Cause 2 Has Video Capture Built Right In

A game like Just Cause 2 is filled with explosive moments you'll want to share with your friends, and PlayStation 3 players will be able to do just that, thanks to a PS3-exclusive built-in video capture feature.

Just Cause 2 is all about emergent action, letting the player decide how he or she wants to tackle any individual task. This leads directly to unique moments of gameplay that beg to be shared with the gaming public, and Square Enix London Studios has taken steps to make sure PlayStation 3 owners have that ability at their fingertips. Just Cause 2 for the PS3 will include a video capture feature that collects the previous 30 seconds of gameplay, processes it, and uploads it directly to the player's YouTube channel, so when you do something incredibly dangerous - say, ramming an oil tanker with a jet fighter - you can quickly share it with the entire world.

For more elaborate stunts, the game menu will also feature a 10-minute capture option, allowing players to create mission walkthroughs, craft machinima, and otherwise eat up a lot of YouTube's storage space.

The feature is only available on the PlayStation 3, which means that if you own both consoles you now have a good reason to pick one version over the other.

Just Cause 2 parachutes into North America on March 23.


    Hey, thats pretty cool.
    Hopefully games in the future will continue to do this, but hopefully with more features, such as being able to save lengthy recordings to the HDD and edit them with software, much like Eye Create lets you.


    Yeah this sounds like a really cool idea, can't wait to give it a whirl. Let's hope the game overall is better than the first one!

    That's really cool. Would be useful if there was an option to upload it to Facebook or something as well as Youtube. Can't wait to try it out.

    Really weird for something like that to be an exclusive to a particular console. But good feature nonetheless.

    But not going to win me over to the PS3 version. 360 it is for me. Theatre mode in Halo 3, as great and fun as it is (and probably the best use of that sort of thing in all video games) - it wore off me very quickly and I just started to delete the ones i had. Ended up being useless items clogging up my HDD.

      I'd say its exclusivity would be for the simple fact that all PS3 models have a HDD while same isn't true for 360s.

        Doesn't make too much sense to me - I would think that it could be implemented but if you don't have a HDD, the feature is unavailable.

    Alright, in terms of which platform I'm buying this on, the PS3 just got a point...

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