PS3 Version Of Bayonetta Getting Update

Not all multi-platform games are the same. Take SEGA's Bayonetta, for example.

One complaint from PS3 players have been that Bayonetta has long loading times. This upload will offer the option to install the game directly on the PS3's hard drive. The update will include an "Install" option in the game's menu screen.

It is possible to install Bayonetta, as with every Xbox 360 title, directly onto the Xbox 360's HDD. However, the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta does not offer players this option directly through the game's menu screen. The update will be available starting January 28.

While the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta received better reviews, the PS3 version outsold the Xbox 360 version in Japan.


    "However, the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta does not offer players this option directly through the game’s menu screen."

    How is that a problem? It's not gonna kill anyone to simply go to the Dashboard and install it via the game options.

    PS3 players complaining about long load times!? Who would have thought :P


    now if that patch also unlocked the saved files so i can actually back up the saves i'd be happy.

    Just finished it...what an excellent game.

    I just got this game last week and have been staying up playing it over the long weekend, skipping all the usual mundane social craptivities.

    For some reason, I found that the X-pox version lags in the controller input department, what with the shitty triggers failing to initiate a dodge move. Makes things really difficult especially when I'm in the process of collecting Pure Platinum awards.

    Anyone else find this to be so? My friends PS3 version is just fine. In fact the controller is so much more responsive, and the ironic part is that it runs like crap.

    Anyway, hopefully this update will fix much of the issues on the PS3 versions.

      I haven't had any issues whatsoever with the 360 version in the way of input lag. The games does exactly what I tell it to, including with the triggers. It might be an issue with your controller...

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