PS3 Wand Delay Does Not Affect Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition

During last year's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi announced that Resident Evil: Alternative Edition would be using Sony's new wand motion controller. That controller has been delayed until this fall.

Here are the wand controls in action.

When asked what that means for the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, Capcom told Kotaku, "Capcom has not announced any compatibility between Sony's motion controller and Resident Evil 5 in North America. The release of this product will be unaffected by the delay in our territory and is still on track for a March 9 release with the individual pieces of downloadable content released prior."

Bit muddled, no? When the wand motion controls were announced at the Tokyo Game Show, it was largely assumed that the feature would be coming to the West. Now it doesn't matter - the PS3 wand is delayed, and the game is not.

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition will be released on March 9 via digital download, while Japan will get a full retail disc.


    Way to go Capcom of America! If this muddled announcement is your way of shooting down on your own foot again then farewell to your downward journey to the Dark Void of your failure.

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