Psychonauts Now Just Two Measly Bucks On Steam

Have you somehow missed Double Fine's lovely and under-appreciated Psychonauts? Now you have no excuse. The debut title from the makers of last year's Brutal Legend is just $US2 USD on Steam. Your 2.0 GHz Pentium IV can handle it! [Steam]


    Dear anyone who hasn't played this,

    Please play this.

      Not to shake the beehive...but what kind of game is it?

        it's chiefly a third-person platformer, but it's also a clever mix of gameplay elements. Crash Bandicoot style platforming, Prince of Persia acrobatics puzzles, and progressive skills kinda like 3D Zelda games.

        Don't feel bad Nath, I've never played it either.

        Steam lists it as an action game, while metacritic lists it as action, adventure, platformer - so who knows what it's mostly (I had the impression from articles in the past that it was primarily an adventure game).

    My excuse is that I need that $2 to pay for my bills because I'm unemployed. :(

    I really want to play psychonauts one of these days.

    hmmm, This used to be free on gametap

    Does anyone know how long it's at that price for as my pay doesn't go through until midnight and I'm not sure that I have $2 in there at the moment.

    I've gifted like 10 of these around :D Also nath, its a platformer, one of the greatest.

    $2 for the game, $5 international credit card fee. Damn Aussie banks!

      I feel your pain. Always bulk buy games.
      I picked up GTA IV aswell :D

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