R18+ Games Rally In Sydney Today

R18+ Games Rally In Sydney Today

Sydney-siders who want to show their support for an R18+ classification for games should head to the Queen Victoria Building today for a public rally.

Organised by R18+ Games Australia, the rally hopes to raise awareness for the discussion paper released in December. They’ll be handing out information sheets on video games and the proposed classification changes. They’ll also be encouraging people to fill out a submission template as part of the round of public consultation on the issue.

It’s all happening from 9am to 4pm today at the QVB on George St.

Gamers In Sydney – Lets spread the word! [R18+ Games Australia]


  • I walked past at around 9am. There was two guys in GameArena tshirts looking awkward. Maybe it ramped up later.

      • I saw about five people there at 1:30. It was a pretty sad rally, all told, especially compared to the Falun Gong demonstrators in front of Town Hall the next block over. They didn’t have any signs or anything that suggested they were organised.

        • It wasn’t a ‘Rally’, it was an information dissemination event. We weren’t chanting, or holding up signs, or blocking off banks or anything like that – just handing out leaflets and raising awareness of the situation as it is at present and how it can be changed. We had people all over the city handing out flyers. We also got over 50 submission papers filled out by people on the street. Instead of criticising from afar if you’d like to see change affected perhaps you should come up and help out next time.

        • So, Merrus rather than criticise why didn’t you help? I mean I’m in Brisbane too far away with commitments, but if there’s one here, count me in for damn sure. Sounds like you could’ve been of some help but chose not to be…

  • Down for the cause, glad to see our rights as appreciative gamers bring protected and fought for. Count me in next time.

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