Ratchet And Clank Goes Vinyl

For someone who doesn't really collect action figures I sure have a lot. Mostly they're presents, leftovers from my childhood or products sent to me from game companies.

When I received one of the Ratchet and Clank Future sets in the mail the other day from Sony I had to introduce them to the rest of the family. Then things got ugly. I stopped shooting just before the blood bath.




    Thats one of the better figures ive seen recently! most had lazy eyes or elongated legs...you know the ones im talking about :P

    I have a couple of figures (Sonic 15th anni statue, raving rabbids, Halo Ghost) but I plan to get more, especially with my pre orders this year (Little Sister - Bioshock2, Sam Fisher- Conviction, Face Hugger - AVP).

    I like figures because ive always liked things like models and making real life replications with lots of attention to detail and such.

    Haha, they're awesome.
    Can you buy those?

    I got a regular Ratchet from my comic book shop in SA. I too was pretty amazed at the effort that had gone into make Ratchet look so awesome.

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