Reader Review: League of Legends

Reader Review: League of Legends

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This review was submitted by Mike Thomas. If you’ve played League of Legends, or just want to ask Mike more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

League of Legends (PC)

MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena – a term you probably never heard of – is new strategy genre based on a hugely successful Warcraft III “mod”, Defense of the Ancients. Steve “Guinso” Feak (one of the original DotA-Allstars creators) gives us a new genre to sink teeth into, and boy is it tasty – and free.


No Clones: No hero in League of Legends is a complete rip off of the DotA heroes. All are new and exciting to play. They cover a wide range of styles from tanks to healers and stealth with plenty more in between. There are a total of 42 heroes and more on the way, so you have a lot to learn which gives you plenty of value for a free game.

Mapped Spells: One huge thing that held back DotA in terms of gameplay were the hotkeys for each of the spells, they were different for every hero and were annoying to learn. Luckily, League of Legends changes that and defaults the four main spells to Q, W, E and R making it simple and easy to use. These can also be mapped to any key on your keyboard.

Beam Me Up: If you have a hard little fight and manage to escape with your life and don’t feel like running all the way home, there is a teleport home function which costs nothing to use and takes eight seconds to cool down.


Matchmaking: This is the main flaw, having to wait for the game to pair you people it thinks are best suited to you. It doesn’t work well if you only have a few members in your party prepare to get put against a 5 man team.

Loads of fun from a free to play game, what more could you want?

Reviewed by: Mike Thomas

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  • This game is so much better than heroes of newerth its not funny.

    One of my favourite features is the ‘recommonded items’ up the top of the item stores. One of the most daunting features of DOTA for newcommers was its myriad of items with increasingly complicated combinations that differed for each type of class (STR AGI INT).

    Also, this game is 100% free, with the only disadvantage being that you dont get all of the heroes. However, the beautiful part is, the more you play, the more influence points you accquire, which can be used to permanently purchase your favourite heroes! Win/win!

  • yay it was published, thanks kotaku 😀

    those who playing or want to play can add me to their friends list ingame, Carbs42

  • What I love about LoL is the developers are very active on the forums, listening to the players wishes, being open about future changes and actually giving people what they want.

    To those who don’t know, simply playing the game earns you ‘influence points’ which can be used to unlock every champion in the game.

    I personally chose to buy their digital collectors pack and champion pack with actual money to support the developers and to give me more of the game at once, but considering I’ve played more hours of LoL than most games I’ve spent twice as much on I’d say it was well worth the cost.

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