Reader Review: Torchlight

Reader Review: Torchlight

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This review was submitted by Adrian Maddocks. If you’ve played Torchlight, or just want to ask Adrian more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Torchlight (PC)

If, like me, you have fond memories delving into the subterranean abyss below Tristram again and again, then Torchlight is the game for you!


The gameplay: This is Diablo re-born, right down to the health/mana potions, portal/identify scrolls and loot drops. Three character classes to choose from, each with three skill paths. The addition of a pet to assist on your solo adventure is a great addition. There’s even fishing, where the fish can be used to morph your pet into different monsters! It follows the oh-so-addictive structure: 10 SELL BOOTY IN TOWN, UPGRADE CHARACTER, GET QUESTS 20 ENTER DUNGEONS, DELVE DEEPER 30 KILL MONSTERS, GET BOOTY, COMPLETE QUESTS 40 GOTO 10

The graphics: The cartoony feel just suits this game down to the ground! Nicely animated, simple-but-effective, work wonders to create an immersive and fun experience!

The price: Even if you were unlucky enough to grab the US$10 (AUS$11) price-tag over Xmas, throwing down US$20 (AUS$22) on this game is one helluva good deal for what you get.

Modding: Tweak it! Update it! Break it! The developers have released an editor to allow people to play with all aspects of the game, from dungeon design to character skins and item alteration!


Inventory management: As with the likes of Borderlands, this one requires some adroit inventory management. Thankfully your pack-wielding pet can be sent back to town laden with booty whilst dungeon-delving, but you still have to micro-manage your stuff to ensure you don’t sell that uber-rare item by mistake!

Lack of multiplayer: No bones about it, this is a single player experience and none the worse for it. However, multiplayer would have added a great dimension to the game, but you can’t quibble for the pricetag….

It’s a simple-but-effective game that fills a gap until Diablo III bursts onto the scene!

Reviewed by: Adrian Maddocks

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      • Same here. Was chuffed with my $10 puchase until Ilogged on the next day 😛

        Awesome game. I’m a little bit ember adicted atm. Always buy out that seller’s ember if i have the cash. I always seem to be very strapped for cash tho

  • Looks good even for a PS3 owner – Might have to buy a PC just to play this…. 😉

    In light of the best comment prize.

    Love the website, like the short quick reviews.

    Hate the Repeats – I’m sure someone else already reviewed this and same goes true for other reviews!!!!!

  • i despised this game, so boring. Every next spell replaces the older ones, so its spamming the one button and picking up loot. Boring.

  • I’ve seen a lot of complaints about inventory systems lately that basically boil down to “I have limited space and not being able to grab EVERYTHING is an overwhelming tragedy”, and I’ve got to ask.


    I remember years ago playing System Shock 2, the tough decisions about what to keep and what not to were one of the best things about the game (and one of the reasons its spiritual successor Bioshock was somewhat underwhelming to me)

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