Ready To Booze It Up With Yakuza 4?

You can tell a lot about a game by its deluxe bundles. Some games, like BioShock, have figurines. Other games, like Modern Warfare 2 and its night vision googles, have extravagant items. Yakuza 4 just wants you drunk.

One of the goodies for deluxe version of upcoming PS3 exclusive Japanese crime drama Yakuza 4 (Ryu Ga Gotoku 4) is this flask, which has been laser etched with the tattoo that adorns the back of Yakuza hero Kazuma Kiryu.

Bundled with a copy of PS3 exclusive Yakuza 4, the deluxe pack is priced at ¥10,290 (US$113). Suntory whisky sold separately.


    i want.

    Yakuza 4, with sensory gaming enhancement accessory included

    "Get in the flask!"
    I just had to do that.

    you have to be drunk to play it.its a poor mans shenmue

      Or you could just fill it with water or your favourite juice and watch people go nuts as they wonder why your liver has not failed yet.

    No way man Yakuza 1 & 2 were Sick I cant wait for the next 2 and damn I want that flask.

    Lets just hope you can open the dam thing, unlike the COD: World at War hip flask

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