Rebellion Confirms Aliens Vs. Predator Demo

Rebellion's Alex Moore gave a quick-and-dirty "confirmed" for an Aliens vs. Predator demo, but no other details, in a lengthy interview with fan site AvPGalaxy. No timeframe was given, but one has to assume it'll be pre-release.

"There will be a demo, that's all we can say," Moore said.

Another tasty tidbit, from Rebellion's Martin Kennedy, about the game's achievements. "They've all got badass names. I think we managed to get it down so that every single achievement is from one of the films." I think the odds of ones being named "Game over, man!" "Get to the Choppah" and "What the F—- Are You?" are about 1 to 50. Rebellion Studio Visit: Interview 2 [AvPGalaxy via CVG]


    "For close encounters"
    "Mostly they come out at night, mostly"
    "Check those corners"
    "Stay Frosty"
    "Looks like small arms fire"
    "Marines! we are leaving!"
    "Knock Knock"
    "Kill me! I'm here!"


      And of course:

      "Not Bad, for a human" - If this isn't the achievement for the end of the human campaign on a specific difficulty, then Rebellion has made a mistake.

        "Get away from her you BITCH!"

        When playing as a human you save a team-mate from being attacked by an alien!

      "Do itttttt.. do it now!"

    "Have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

    Please don't let this suck. It's been far too long since AvP2 and with two (mostly) horrible movies, one would think this being crap would be the death knell for any future AvP releases.

    Don't forget:

    "If it bleeds, we can kill it"
    "Pushing too many pencils?"
    "Game over man! Game over!"

    would pay a thousand dollars for this game but the thermal is still wrong for the tenth game, the light of a torch or any shading would not show in thermal, its like nightvision, and where is the yellow and green in the heat vision? Other than that one little thing I'm am literally counting down the days for this game.

      It's SPACE thermal vision. Therefore it can show whatever it wants to show!

    "dillon you son of a bitch"

    thats an awesome idea for achievements. will be cool to see a quote from one the movies pop us as we unock them

    "Why don't you put her in charge?"
    "With those things running around? You can count me out...."
    "They're comin outta the goddamn walls!"
    "Hey man, it's a dry heat!"
    "What are we supposed to use.... harsh language?"
    "Thought you never miss, Bishop"
    "Alright, we waste him.... no offense"
    "LETS ROCK!!!!"
    "Spare me the psyche evaluation Burke..."
    ...there's too many great quotes to pull from Aliens.

    Just watched Predator the other night, have a few more:
    'I aint got time to bleed!' - Related to taking a lot of damage and surviving

    'This stuff will make you a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus' - Using lots of med kits/other kind of buff

    'You're one... UGLY motherfucker' - In the human campaign, the first time you unmask/kill a predator

    'There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man' - Predator campaign, the first Human kill you get

    'Come on in, you fuckers. Come on in. Ol' Painless is waitin'. ' - Getting X ammount of kills with the minigun

    Can't wait for this game (and the demo)

    "Dylan, you son of a bitch!"

    Now the burning question is "Will the PC version be a gimped to hell crapshoot?"


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