Record Of Agarest War's Naughty Limited Edition Lives Up To Name

Breast-shaped mouse pads make their Western debut, along with several other naughty items in Record of Agarest War's Really Naughty Limited Edition for the Xbox 360, announced today with a slightly NSFW instructional video, in case instinct doesn't take over.

There can be no doubt what the marketing angle for Aksys' Record of Agarest War is now that they've announced the Really Naughty Limited Edition. The package contains a soundtrack CD, a Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad complete with a pair of fake breasts, a Yearning Ellis pillowcase (you'll have to provide your own pillow), and a special box covered in titillating scenes of anime excess.

As if the announcement weren't enough, Aksys also provided an "instructional" video, showing fans the best way to take advantage of this extended edition. It's only slightly creepy.

How much would you pay for fake boobs and a pillow to drool on? $US59.99 is Aksys' asking price, which is pretty fair, considering this is the sort of swag you generally have to import from Japan.

I have to say, I am still shocked and appalled by the flagrant use of sex to sell this title. If you're over 18, check out the announcement trailer below while I stomp off to angrily preorder.


    Where can you purchase this from!? [Australia]

      CDWOW I suspect, I have the PS3 standard version I nabbed from there.

    I noticed it also says *Pillow not included* on the bottom right... is it though?

      "...a Yearning Ellis pillowcase (you’ll have to provide your own pillow)..."

      It's right there buddy.

    Does anyone know what type of game this actually is?

      RPG of sorts with a somewhat tactical style battle system. There's also a system where you gain or lose favour with some female party members, from there bearing a child and having them continue the adventure.

      Battle system is nice, relationship system I didn't really explore all that much. I'm just a fan of Cross Edge, so I nabbed their other title.

      Cross Edge > Agarest though, I'll say that much. Look up Compile Heart's stuff and you'll find out a little more information about it.

    Its a pillow case, u dont get a pillow.
    No way would i get this, it just screams sad virgin nerd lol. I mean really, id be embarrised to have that mousepad.

    Do not buy this game and pre-order set second hand

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