Red Bull Gives PlayStation Home New Things To Do

The first consumer brand to be a part of PlayStation Home extends their presence today, with Red Bull Flugtag and Red Bull Illume added to Home growing stable of places to do stuff.

Red Bull Flugtag is a competition that challenges people to build human-powered flying machines, and the new PlayStation Home Red Bull Flugtag area will showcase some of the more creative contraptions that have been presented over the past 19 years. Visitors will be able to try out some of these devices from the safety of their virtual representation, launching off the island's bamboo flight deck in an attempt to score a spot on the area's distance leaderboards.

The second area, Red Bull Illume, highlights pictures from the Red Bull Illume sports photography competition, which I'm sure is lovely if you're into that sort of thing.

Check out shots from the two new areas, or just wander into PlayStation Home and have a look for yourself.


    Okay, I will be checking this out today. It actually sounds like a bit of fun. I remember when I was a kid they used to have a thing called the 'birdman rally' which is essentially the same thing. People make contraptions that they think will be able to fly, wether it be a single man vehicle or a group of 6... then they fly off the platform to take their leap of faith. It was hilarious!

    If home can keep bringing 'little' things like this in then I think that it may have a future.

    I don’t like home, I’ve hardly ever used it on my PS3 and I don’t plan to start anytime soon. It just seems to me like Sony is more interested in advertising space on home than making the interaction between players better. I don’t care about the newest “space” or a bunch of virtual crap I can put in my house and show off. I just want to meet people that have the same games as I do and play, and I can do that perfectly fine by taking that particular game online. If you ask me Home is one giant failure it, the concept was thought out when MySpace was still the #1 social networking site out there, well no one even goes to MySpace anymore.

      Fair poitn - Does anyone actually use home anymore?

      I'll admit I was pretty hyped for it leading up to it's release, but since spending 5 minutes doing not much, I've just let it slip. It's pretty pointless really.

      An XMB interface direct to facebook and/or twitter would make much more sense if they were moreso about 'networking'

        None of my friends are that big on home. Home was Sony’s answer to MySpace and Facebook and Twitter, well now the PS3 lets you go to your facebook or twitter almost instantly anyway (besides I can just open the PS3 browser and check all those things). I don’t use it too much, so I guess my biggest critique of home is that it wasn’t good enough to keep my attention.

    I avoid Home like the plague. Every time I go there I have to download heaps of updates and by the time they are finished downloading, I'm ready to go play a real game.

    I found it terrible!! I had more fun talking in the adhoc party lobbies than anything home had to offer .. SONY ... COME ON ... .. COME ON .... . . . !!! POUR MONEY INTO YOUR FELLOW DEVS.. MAKE EPIC TITLES : MAKE EPIC MONEY : WIN.

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