Red Dead Redemption: A Western, Under Cover

Firing from cover was a staple of Red Dead Revolver, so we can expect to see plenty more of it, and of situations requiring it, in the sequel Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar's released four new screens showcasing the feature.

Exclusive New Red Dead Redemption Screens: Taking Cover [Rockstar]


    Graphics are superb. Hopefully they're not heavily edited. But i trust Rockstar - if they could do what they did graphics wise in GTA IV for its genre and size, this is believable for Red Dead.

    This has just been added to my list of games I want. Was going to give it a miss at first, but its growing.

    are this them ? or are there links to higher resolution shots? sure look good!

    I was planning on avoiding this title because I've never played a western and I can't imagine it appealing to me, but the gfx look good - I could be swayed.

    Is that first screen the main character in disguise, or a different character altogether??? Hmmmm....

    I alwyas loved the game GUN, but thought that if they put a bit more effort in it would have been even better. Looks like Rockstar has done it with this game. I can't wait.

    I bet this game will be exactly like gta4.

    Awsome land to explore and then, every mission is ride a horse to location with someone, follow someone to location, or run to location. At said location you will have to kill someone, then to return to original location.

    BAM, most boring game ever and rockstar will prove once and for all that they suck balls.

      I understand what you mean and i do have a lot of issues with GTA IV - but at least in GTA IV you are surrounded by a city. Places to go, people to see, things that are entertaining to do.

      IF Red Dead turns out to be that way, which i sincerely doubt - then yeah that would be boring. But no way, comparable to GTA IV.

    this game looks wicked! I'll pre-order this for sure.

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