Red Steel 2: Hell Comes To Caldera On March 23

Welcome to Caldera, a peaceful little town in the Nevada Territories, at least until a powerful secret hidden in the town's mines attracted the plot for Red Steel 2.

There's a lesson in this video, and that lesson is, never attract the plot for Red Steel 2 to your prosperous, peaceful town. It can only end in tears.

The other lesson in this video is confirmation that Red Steel 2 is slated for a March 23rd release date in North America, with Europe getting the title a few days later on the 26th. This doesn't quite jibe with the advertisement on the back of the No More Heroes 2 manual, which according to Totilo, lists Red Steel 2 as available February 2010.

We're going to stick with March here, as game manuals are notorious for their wishful thinking.


    Looks good. I hope ubisoft really nail it this time. U dont want to try go realistic on the Wii, i think the new style really suits. I am surprised they named it as a redsteel sequel. Thought they might have restarted and tried again under a different name considering the 1st's reception.

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