Remember, There's A New Driver Game Coming!

It's been 18 months since we first heard that Ubisoft's studio in Newcastle, England was working on a new game in the Driver series. Today, Ubisoft reminded us that, despite this silence, the game is still in development.

It's a while off, though, with the publisher pegging the game for a fiscal year 2011 release, meaning it'll be out in April 2011 at the earliest.

The Driver series used to be a great piece of intellectual property, before Grand Theft Auto III came along and stole its thunder. The fact every game in the series after Driver 2 was awful didn't help, either.

Here's hoping this game can signal a return to form for the franchise, because sometimes, we don't want to get involved with internet dating and chicken-eating. We just want to drive.


    If it's anything like Driver 3, Justin no want.


    If its anything like Driver 2 onwards, Michael no want.

    the driver should remain in the car. as soon as he got out the game went to [email protected] and the last one like, all the rest, still has the best car chase driving style of any game so why ruuin it by getting out of the car and then not being able to find the precise spot to get back in the damn thing. the one thing i always wished GTA had was Driver handling.

    I loved the driving style in Driver 3, but the run and gun part kind of stuffed things up a bit.

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