Report: "Large Scale RPG" Being Made For Microsoft

While the Xbox 360 isn't exactly setting Japanese retail on fire, Microsoft Game Studios has made a valiant effort to release Japanese-style role playing games like Blue Dragon.

That doesn't look to be stopping.

In a classified listing on Japanese language job site DODA, Tokyo-based developer feelplus Inc., a subsidiary of AQ Interactive, announced that from henceforth it is working on a "large scale RPG for Microsoft". The AQ Interactive job listing is for "Game Designer [3D motion, etc] " — though not necessarily for the Microsoft title.

Feelplus previously worked with Mistwalker on the Xbox 360 role playing game Lost Odyssey (pictured), Blue Dragon Plus and Ninety-Nine Nights II.

株式会社AQインタラクティブ/ゲームデザイナー【3Dモーションなど】の求人情報 − 転職ならDODA(デューダ) [DODA Thanks, pigz0011!]


    And then either the sequel will hit the DS or the game will be ported to the PS3.

      Not if it's published by Microsoft Studios

    Seems like they are taking the same tactic they employed for the original xbox. Losing money sucks, but if you can push one generation hard, even through losses, the brand recognition will be there the next gen.

    Xbox 360 has done MUCH better than the original Xbox for a variety of reasons, one of them being that people had seen the hardware, software and general support proven in the marketplace, even when the sales weren't good.

    This, coupled with Square literally calling Japanese gamers racist jerks for not giving non-Japanese games a chance may mean that with the next gaming generation, Japanese gamers will be more inclined to pick up a Microsoft product.

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