Report: Naked Final Fantasy XIII Character Model Buried On Disk

Looking through the assets on the Final Fantasy XIII game disk data, Japanese website MADOKA Park! apparently noticed something. Something naked.

After looking through the disk and turning up character models for all the main characters as well as main Summons and weapons, the site discovered a character model for Oerba Dia Vanille, and she does not appear to be wearing clothing.

MADOKA Park! confirmed with a friend who had cleared the game that no Vanille scenes that would use a model like this appeared in the game, leaving the site to wonder if this is a test model and to burst out laughing.

Because a high amount of traffic, the source page has been taken down by MADOKA Park!, which is somewhat worrying regarding the image's credibility. Though, the site did claim to find this on the game disk.

FFXIII解析 #8 [makuchan's diary (MADOKA Park!) via はちま起稿]


    Won't somebody think of the children!

    Heaven forbid, someone, somewhere... sees a nipple!

    the question is... does lightning have one?


    i see nipple :P

    Everyone here is forgetting the real question that needs to be answered:

    Do the Carpets match the Drapes?

    "MADOKA Park!"
    I'd say the ratio of Japanese brand or website names with at least one exclamation mark, to those with none has got to be 1:1.

    I'm more impressed that the model is textured in all its naked glory XD If I texture something like that at work I'd cop so much flak, lol

    what is senator atkinson going to say when he hears about this!!!!! please someone think about the children!!!

      He'll probably try to change "Final Fantasy XIII" into "Hello Kitty Fantasy XIII."

    This was obviously from those naked levels that had to be cut so it could fit on the stupid xbox dvd's!

    Damn you M$!

    Not surprised at all.


    This scene does indeed appear in the game, though nothing as dramatic as the model shown, I wont be the one to toss spoilers on here though. Madoka parks friend was wrong.

    the model was used in the game, when their is a scene were vanille comes out of crystal stasis, she is nude and their is an effect over her, much like if you hit the enemy with a blizzard move, they will turn blue

    actually there is one scene where she turns from a crystall to human and for about a 30 seconds her clothes dnot appear, soz to burst ur bubble :/

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