Report: New Zelda Out By End Of 2010, First DS Successor Details

Report: New Zelda Out By End Of 2010, First DS Successor Details

In an interview with Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun, Nintendo Co., Ltd. president Satoru Iwata discussed some of this year’s goals, which include released the newest Legend of Zelda game.

High on the Japanese exec’s list was increasing the number of DS WiFi spots across the country. In Japan, the company has a deal with McDonalds to provide a “Mac de DS” service. Customers who bring their DS units to McDonalds can download items and original content as well as play others via WiFi. Besides Pokémon mini-games and character downloads, there are also McDonalds quizzes and even a McDonalds manga service.

(Nintendo of America teamed up with McDonalds in 2005 for a similar WiFi service.)

Nintendo, it seems, is looking beyond the current partnership with McDonalds. “To proactively increase the number of hotspots, we are talking with a number of businesses,” Iwata told the paper.

When asked if Nintendo is planning on giving DS an iPhone-like cellular functions with the ability to connect to the internet, Iwata dismissed the idea of a monthly service plan for playing games and noted that the company is not thinking of adding such functions in future models of the Nintendo DS.

A Nintendo DS successor? Up to now, Nintendo has released several variations of the Nintendo DS — however, it has not released a completely new handheld. Regarding a DS successor, Iwata offered this: “Highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.” In the past, motion peripherals have been released for the Nintendo DS.

But with the Nintendo DS posting record sales in America during 2009, the exec said this was not the time to discuss when this successor will hit the market.

Iwata also touched on Nintendo’s home console, the Nintendo Wii, admitting that sales stalled in Japan last fall, but pointing out that the console has been the biggest seller in both Japan and America during the past three years. He stressed the importance of software.

According to the Asashi Shimbun, there will be a press conference this July for the new pulse Vitality Sensor controller with the intention of putting it on sale as soon as possible. The paper also noted that the newest Legend of Zelda sequel will go on sale before the end of 2010 with no note whether this refers only to Japan. The game was first announced at the E3 game expo in Los Angeles back in 2009.朝日新聞社):DS接続サービス拡大へ 任天堂社長「Wiiは再加速」 – PC・ゲーム – デジタル [Asahi Shimbun]


  • sweet .. yer it really is time for new handhelds…

    but after the DS’s gameline up (which i personaly think is far worse than the wiis shortcomings in software)…. i might skip the DS 2..

    I recently broke the psp i have which really upsets me.. but luckly i got to play a ton of Grand Trismo before hand (the only worthwhile game on PSP so far other than Monster Hunter series if u ask me).. so… as long as i can borrow/try to get hold of a PSP for peace walker… i can see my self getting a PSPgo//DSi LX … in 2010..

    my guess is new DS shown off at TGS this year and i suspect sony will “stick with the PSP”…. but i dont see any highlighting software other than the MGS peace walker series.. and Monster Hunter.

    All in all i think the apple tablet thats revealed later this month could force the to companys to bring out handhelds faster?
    Frankly if the apple tablet suports Starcraft2 played on a tablet.. im SOLD!

  • The PSP 3000 is kickass IMO. I love it and have only had it for 3 weeks. Gran Turismo, Flatout Head on and GOW Chains of Olympus are all awesome fun and I got all those games for under $85. I think Heath K hasn’t got a clue of what he speaks, either that or he just got the wrong games because I don’t think he would’ve played them all. And as for the PSP Go comment, he obviously hasn’t got a clue….. those things suck real bad. No UMD drive, smaller screen, more cramped hand control position, $450, limited games available for download, etc etc…. They’re just a real bad decision by Sony and the public sure has let them know with the lack of sales. My son has a DS and it’s pretty cool but I wanted a more adult orientated handheld. PSP 3000 is where it’s at and it’s pure awesome.

  • Man 2010 is gonna be the year of the Wii.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Metroid Other M
    Monster Hunter Tri
    and now Zelda.

    Can’t get any better than that 😀

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