Report: Nintendo Said "No, Thank You" To Project Natal Tech

Nintendo executives were reportedly given the option to snatch up the technology that powers Microsoft's controller-free Project Natal but passed, worried that the camera tech was too expensive and not responsive enough for the Wii maker.

CVG cites an anonymous source at Nintendo—specifically "a top insider (and we mean top insider)"—as saying that Nintendo bossman Satoru Iwata saw the tech that powers Natal at the end of 2007, but didn't bite.

That insider also sounds skeptical about Microsoft's promises for Natal, saying that the Nintendo "remain unconvinced Natal will deliver on the more sophisticated elements of what Microsoft is promising at the price they're aiming for."

Iwata 'turned down Natal tech' [CVG]


    "worried that the camera tech was too expensive and not RESPONSIVE enough for the Wii maker."

    They should have passed on the original Wii Remote.

    Wait a minute...

    Is it possible that they're implying that Natal is going to be less responsive than the Wiimote. That would make the equivalent of waggling some kind of full body violent seizure.

      Agreed, the standard wii-mote accuracy is deplorable and only marginally improved with wii-mote plus. What the hell are Nintendo talking about with all this 'not responsive enough' rubbish. Clearly if anything it was a price issue and natal would likely impede their license to print exorbitant amounts of money with better more expensive tech.

    Maybe not waggle but maybe tracking? Like IR tracking on screen? Hmmm.

    But you know, it is like 5 years later. Tech can improve greatly since Nintendo where doing R&D for the Wii.

    At the time natal might have completely sucked and could barely track unless u were exactly 1.734 meters away from the camera lol.

    I also trust that if a nintendo top insider said that, then thats what their R&D turned up.

    This is a no surprise coming from the cheap backward thinkers inside Nintendo.

    The Gamecube and Gameboy Micro stripped them out of so much cash they can't affors but to play it safe,
    can't afford this technology,
    can't afford anti-piracy,
    can't afford to loose against Microsoft, and
    can't afford loose against sony the third time around.

    So instead they settled on a piece of crap so that they could milk their owners for add-on accessories like MotionPlus or whatever it's called to make it more responsive.

    What losers.

    surely jay, if you listen carefully, u can hear that sound? ... *ca-ching! ca-ching!* It's the sound of a wiining company printing money.

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