Report: Only 15% Of Gamers Buying Downloadable Content

A survey conducted by media firm Frank N. Magid Associates has found that only 15 per cent of active video gamers purchase downloadable content.

Of the 800 people polled, 15 per cent said they bought DLC, 41 per cent said they were aware of it but hadn't bought any, and 43 per cent said they'd never even heard of it.

That last stat isn't as alarming as you'd think, as Frank N. Magid say the bulk of those people were using "consoles that don't actively promote DLC, such as the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii".

But the first two? The people who do know what downloadable content is? It shows only a bit over one third of them are buying DLC, which must be sad news for publishers, especially those breaking their backs (and betting the farm) on supporting games post-release.

Survey: Only 15 Percent Of Gamers Purchase DLC [IGN]


    A lot of DLC gets released in GOTY editions (Fallout and Oblivion for example) and separate releases (GTA4 for example). This is how I get my extra content, because I prefer to have a hard copy on hand for when my console (and/or hdd) inevitably fail.

    Also, 800 people is not a big survey. I think a better source of information would be the Sony/Microsoft servers.

    Gotta love how surveys turn into 'facts'!

    I think publishers have developed DLC in recent years thinking gamers will buy anything they offer. I think gamers are starting to wake up and make informed choices about the DLC they purchase. Personally, I hate game add-ons where you get one extra weapon or horse armour. However I loved DLC additions for Fallout III and GTAIV even though they would be considered expansion packs when I was a kid.

    DLC has to add value to game, not just add a new car or a new gun, I want new missions and tasks to complete after the main story. However, adding in missions like they are doing for Assassins Creed 2 midway through the game's narrative... that sounds criminal to me it should have been in the original retail release.

      When I was a kid we expected more content / playtime in our expansions than you get in DLC these days.

    If I enjoy the game, I generally buy the DLC... assuming I have the bandwidth.

    Buy if I didn't like the game, why would I enjoy the DLC?

    Right on, Marathon!

    If they priced the DLC more reasonably then more people might buy it.

    If I buy a game new for $100, then a $20 DLC pack might seem reasonable if it is offering roughly 20% more content.

    If that same game gets heavily discounted (e.g. PS3 platinum range) and is available for $40, then that same DLC is now 20% more content for 50% more dollars, which doesn't make sense.

      Your logic is flawed
      Consider a game with 100 hours worth of content, and a game with 20 hours worth of content (I can name several in both these categories).
      Both games cost the same at release (say $100 for easy numbers). Both games offer DLC.

      The 100 hour game offers you 10 hours of DLC for %20 of the original cost. The content you are buying costs two times as much per-hour as the original game.
      But the $20 DLC is providing you with half the game-value (in play time) of the game with takes 20 hours to finish, and you are paying one fifth of the cost.

      You should not judge the validity or quality of DLC by the quality and quantity in relation to the game it expands, but rather to what other developers are charging for standalone games.

      The problem is not with the DLC, but the pricing strategy of new release games. DLC can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $50.00, but games always cost the same. The price of DLC always reflects the amount of content, the price of a game never does.

    And how many of those that used DLC had 1.5MB or faster internets?

    y'know there used to be these things called expansion packs...

    Main problem is the cost of download content is usually vastly higher than the value of that content.

    The Fallout 3 DLC seems like it could have value but as it stands now I have seen physical copies of the GOTY for less than purchasing the DLC seperately online (the required microsoft points equate to $66 and I have seen the GOTY in stores for $64).

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