Report: PS3 Wand Controller Supported With Approximately Ten Games

This fall, Sony will be releasing its new wand controller, which is currently known under the temporary "Motion Controller" title. According to Japan's Nikkei Newspaper, the game will have approximately ten titles supporting it this year

According to the Nikkei, those titles will go sale sometime this year and range from the sports genre to the pet simulator genre.

Last year, Sony listed nine titles that would support the PS3 Motion Controller. (The Nikkei gives an actual number, however!) Those games and their current titles include Ape Escape, Echochrome, Eccentric Slider, Sing and Draw, Champions of Time, Motion Party, The Shoot, Tower and Under Siege. Which of these made release this year remains to be seen.

Other titles slated to get Motion Controller support include Flower, Pain and Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition.

PS3用モーションコントローラ、年内に約10本の対応ソフトを予定 [Kotaku Japan][Pic]


    None of which I will want to play!

    Never really thought about it but Ape Escape would be perfect for a motion controller, kinda like No More Heroes.

    New Ape Escape is interesting. Maybe it can do for the motion controller what the original did for the DualShock.

    Or maybe it'll just be a bunch of lame, Wii-inspired party games.

    Good on Sony for trying, but if they're just going to make Wii-inspired party games they'll fail, hardcore.

    Wii is doing so well because of the casual gamers. I still believe the PS3 is too expensive to buy for casual gamers, especially when compared to the Wii.

    If they really want to do well, they should be making mature rated games where they'd have pretty much a monopoly on the market.

    yea, see
    The wife already has a Wii I sometimes wiggle on, so they are going to have to do something different from Wii sports and Wii play if they want more of my money.

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