Report: Warner Bros. Rebooting Mortal Kombat (The Movie)

According to a report on Bloody Disgusting, Warner Bros. Studios is looking to start production on a reboot of 1995 film Mortal Kombat.

Having bought the rights to the franchise when it picked up Midway last year, BD say that Warner is looking to get Oren Uziel to write up a script for the project, Uziel's Shimmer Lake having made the 2009 "Black List", a collection of the best scripts floating around Hollywood that are yet to enter into production.

Good to see Warner is as intent on pissing money down the toilet as Mortal Kombat's previous owners were.

A New Battle For Mankind Begins in 'Mortal Kombat' Tourney, Redo in the Works [Bloody Disgusting]


    What could possibli go wrong?

    I would like to see this happen if it was a direct to DVD movie made for about 20 million that’s pure fan service. Just go over the top camp. But it’s probably going to be some shitty remake focusing on someone’s origin story with a “gritty” undertone with a young hot cast.

    An origin based movie would be a good idea as long as they did it well because I preferred the X-Men Origins movie way more then the 1st 3, different franchise I know but we've already had 2 MK movies so maybe this could be the best way to go.

    I'll be honest, I liked the first movie, maybe because I was 7 years old when it came out and haven't seen it in years. But after Street Fighter, DoA, and soon to be Tekken, it just goes to show fighting games don't make good movies.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed though.

    I honestly believe it's possible to make a good fighting game movie if the approach is right. The main problem is that asking a writer to respect the source material (for the fans that made it popular in the first place), make it marketable, and still have a solid, entertaining plot is a big ask. Getting that script on film is another challenge. They'll also have a hard time including the uber violence that made it stand out in the first place.
    But writers and producers have been getting better at it in recent years for books and comics, so maybe this one will do it.

    I read the script written by Drew Mcweeny for the third movie, it was optioned at one stage apparently, it focused on Sub Zero. It was bloody awful. The final fight actually culminated with sub zero 'conquering' his powers and 'not using' them, to prove he was a 'true warrior'. Wtf kind of garbage is that...

    As a Kid watching the MK movies I loved it, especially the theme song

    MORTAL KOMBAT!!! da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

    The only origin movie I can see working is a Scorpion/Sub Zero clan war origin.

    Its not that fighting games don't make good movies, its that tournament atlyr fighting movies haven't been done as much as the same "guy with nothing to lose and seeks revenge", or the Cinderella love stories told over and over.(Twilight being the most recent. ha)but the only 2 good tournament movies Ever made was bloodsport and Bruce Lee's last film the game? I think it was called. But then fans would hate to see all their favorutes get killed by a revengefull lue kang, wait. That allready happened. Idk we will see what happens.

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