Report: Xbox 360 FFXIII "Runs As Smooth" As PS3 FFXIII

The biggest bombshell of the 2008 E3 gaming expo was the announcement that then PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII would be released on the Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII, which was released only on the PS3 last December in Japan, will be released as a multi-platform title Q2 2010 in the West. While many games these days are multi-plat, many of these titles also have a "lead" platform.

Take Bayonetta. It's available on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but the lead platform is the Xbox 360.

In the case of Final Fantasy XIII, the lead platform is the PS3 - the game was originally conceived and designed as a PS3 title. That's not good or bad, it's just the way things are. But does that mean Xbox 360 users will be getting an inferior version?

Not necessarily so, says game site 1Up. The site was able to check out the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII demo and had this to say:

It was...a pleasant surprise when I discovered FFXIII runs just as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3. It's a brisk, action-packed RPG with tons happening on the screen at any given time (and the series' requisite flashy visuals cranked up to full throttle), yet I didn't see a hint of slowdown or choppiness or screen tearing or any of the other visual hiccups that serve as hallmarks of a sloppy port. Admittedly, I didn't see the two versions running side-by-side — the bus set them apart with a looping trailer dividing the kiosks — but I honestly saw no tangible difference from my time with the PS3 version.

That disclaimer is important. Both versions were not compared running side-by-side; however, according to 1Up, there does not seem to be noticeable differences between the two versions to the naked eye. Does that mean there are differences? There could be. There just doesn't seem to be.

Smart of Square Enix not to run the machines right next to each other.

In the coming weeks and months, stay tuned for the inevitable side-by-side comparison.

1UP's RPG Blog : Final Fantasy XIII Goes Cross-Platform, with Aplomb [1Up]


    Well of course the bleedin game got scaled down and flattened over the two platforms.

    I feel inclined to state that the game tested was a 'DEMO'. Besides, the 10 short minutes that was played amounts to nothing when taking into consideration the sheer size of the FULL game.

    The other thing is the demo could very well have been polished to run as well as it did, since it's only a demo.

    In short, I do have my doubts about the 360 version... But, I guess time will tell.

    cant wait to see screen comparisons for Q1 ps3 against 360 i know ps3 fanboys will be more than pissed to see or know that the 360 did better

    Yeah, I cant wait to see the 360 version outperforming the PS3 version.

      Lol that would be funny.
      NO comment on my opinion for that though - would be hard to predict. Will consumers buy on a console more people have, the 360. Or will they buy a PS3 or buy it for a PS3 cause FF has been primary a PS franchise and its only one disc.

      I think the 3 or 5 disc whatever it is thing is the only thing going against the 360 version.

      Perhaps not lifetime sales the 360 will beat cause of Japan, but it could definitely beat the PS3 in Europe and US.

    Apparently some gamers noticed a less than subtle difference between the screenshots when FF13 was a PS3 exclusive and after the announcement was made. It wouldn’t surprise me if Square actually totally developed this game on a 360 and ported it to PS3 for release, just about every other developer on the planet will swear that its much cheaper and less of a hassle to make a game for Xbox.

    I'm not surprised. Simply because, going off numerous reports and previews of people who have fully played the Japanese version of FFXIII, the game was scaled down and corners were cut to make the game work the same on 360 as it does on PS3.
    Personally, however, I have only played the FFXIII PS3 demo that came with the First Print Advent Children Complete, so time will tell...

      Not sure why some people think the PS3 version would be cut back at all.

      The Xbox 360 has already been proven time and time again to be the more capable console.

      Square-Enix also said that the Xbox 360 port did not start until AFTER they finished making the PS3 version, so those of you who still hold on to the deluded notion of PS3 being "held back" by the 360, you really have no reason to worry.

    Remember that they've already admitted to having the audio and graphics of the Xbox 360 version compressed. So if you have a PS3, it's safe to buy the PS3 version. Plus, the PS3 is superior anyways. :P

    i fucking hope SQUARE ENIX does a damn good job ont he PS3 version, i dont want no inferior shit happening that makes the 360 better, SQUARE will lose me forever if they do

    some people are dumb

    As stated in the article, the Visual Difference between the two Games is tiny. Yes, it will look slightly better on the PS3, but not by much. Certainly not enough to hurt the game in any way or sort.

    Ofcourse, if you own both a 360 and PS3, go for the PS3 version.
    if you go look the IGN comparison, the only noticable difference you can see are some "Arifiacts" or odd Anti Aliasin on a few strands of hairs.. Big deal. A few strands of hair. there is no frame rate, or sound issues.

    just a bit of odd AA going on in Game Cutscenes (not cg ones). It doesnt hurt the game in any way, and in all honesty should not even be noticable in the game.

    enough said. if you own both consoles, get the PS3 version.
    If you only own a 360, your not missing out on anything. i would know!

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