Reports: EA Working On Apple Tablet, Kindle

Reports: EA Working On Apple Tablet, Kindle

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, when the Apple Tablet is revealed later this month – as seems almost certain – it’ll have Electronic Arts along for the ride.

“Apple is also working with videogame publisher Electronic Arts Inc. to show off the tablet’s game capabilities”, the Journal says, suggesting the games publisher will have a big presence at Apple’s January 27 event, at which the world seems convinced Steve Jobs will unveil its much-hyped, touch-screen tablet computer.

Wouldn’t be the first time; EA has long been a big supporter of Apple through its EA Mobile division, with handheld versions of everything from The Sims to FIFA available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. So EA climbing up on stage and unveiling a shiny big Tablet version of SimCity seems like a no-brainer.

On a firmer note, The Business Insider announced today that Electronic Arts is “playing with the app development kits” for Amazon’s Kindle, which is about to launch an app store to compete with Apple’s. With a dull screen and limited controls it’s not exactly going to be a gaming powerhouse, but so long as it can squeeze a copy of Tetris onto the thing, EA will be happy.

Apple Sees New Money in Old Media [WSJ]


  • i hope the tablet has the gaming capablities of a normal PC..

    i want to play Starcraft2 and Diablo 3 and stuff on a tablet that would be dreamy.

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