Rest In Peace, Chromehounds

In August 2009, Sega informed the eleven people still playing online mech shooter Chromehounds that one day soon, the game's servers would be shut down, effectively "killing" the game. That day is today.

Yes, sometime today, Sega and Microsoft will pull the plug on one of the early cult favourites of the Xbox 360. It may seem hard to remember now, but back in 2006 - when the game was released - 360 releases were staggered, so there was always a "half decent" game to play every month or two.

Which meant Chromehounds, a game that really wasn't very good, nevertheless enjoyed some time in the sun, if only because there wasn't much else to play at the time. For that, it will have made fans, and today, our condolences go out to those fans.


    EA are also planning to pull the plug on a ton of servers for their games soon, I think pretty much any sports game pre-'08 will lose its multiplayer.

    sad to hear but 11 players?

      It's a joke.

    And so we mourn the loss of yet another Mech Combat style game.

    Oh well, bring on Mechwarrior 3050!

    Never gave the game a shot but from my understand, there were a handful of people who really got into it... Just like all games, and movies too! no matter how bad a movie is, there is always someone who will appreciate it.

    It was a great game, while it lasted. Rest in peace.

    Excuse my ignorance, but I thought the reason we paid Microsoft for Gold Access was for game servers?

    So obviously it's a more complex situation than that, but what's the point of paying when I can't play the games I want to play (even if those games are 3 years old)?

    EA shutting down their servers for old sports games just sounds like greed to me - forcing people to pay for the newer game even if they're quite happy to still play the older edition.

      Tail what you are paying is the 360 tax. Microsoft are taking your money for that and that's it. The servers are supported by the dev's not microsoft so yeah. unlucky dude.

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