Retailer Leaks Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Contents?

It would appear that GameStop's Italian portal has jumped the gun and revealed the contents of Final Fantasy XIII's hitherto-mysterious collector's edition.

Available now for pre-order at the price of €80 ($US110), the retailer says the pack includes a soundtrack, art book, prequel novel, comic book and collection of art cards.

While the game is advertised on a European retail site, you'd expect the US edition to be similar, if not identical. If you're looking for pictures, sorry, there are no pics available.

Final Fantasy XIII - Collector's Edition [GameStop, thanks Phil!]


    Final fantasy art book, and cards would be worth the extra money I think. The Novel might be OK but I tend to try and avoid reading stuff that arnt mainly in picture form.

    i thought it might have included all the preorder offers from JB, GAME and EB put together, that would be a calendar+collector's folder+A4 Lithographs. This CE doesn't seem pretty good.

    I would most probalby consider that worth it, if only for the soundtrack as I generaly find most FF music to be awsome.

    no chocobo?

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