Review Roundup: Mass Effect, A Massive Laptop, Machiavelli

We got together this week and reviewed a bunch of games for you. And one computer. One large computer.

Alienware Area-51 m15x Laptop Review: It Ain't Heavy, It's My Laptop

In which Brian Crecente determines the specific weight that makes a laptop not really a laptop.

Mass Effect 2 Review: Once More Unto The Breach

In which Michael Fahey finds a couple of somethings negative to say about a game I think he really loves.

Muscle March Micro-Review: Flex Crimes

In which Michael McWhertor compares the fun of a game and the fun of a whoopee cushion.

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Micro-Review: A Bloody Fun Hazard-Time

In which Fahey decides which players of this game deserve a giant belt buckle, and which do not.

Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forli Micro-Review: An Un-Macchiavelian Plan

In which I fail to mention the apparently important detail that you can use Da Vinci's glider to get an Achievement/Trophy that's easy to miss in the original game, but, hey, I'd rather complain about how Machiavelli is used.


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