Rockstar Has Some Fun With "Eye Of Sauron" Comparison

Capping off a week during which Rockstar Games' New York team was unfavourably described to MTV as an Eye of Sauron overlooking its development studios, the company just posted this new edition to its wallpaper series.

Rockstar has had no comment for Kotaku regarding last week's allegations of unfair working conditions at the company. Those complaints were levied a week ago by an anonymous blogger claiming to represent disgruntled wives of overworked Rockstar San Diego employees. They were published on a Gamasutra user blog called "Rockstar Spouse" and were followed by other anonymous complaints that the development studio behind Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar San Diego, was experiencing an unprecedented run of mandatory and unhealthy crunch-time development. Some Internet commenters have countered, saying the Rockstar Spouse complaints pertain to common industry practices that are the price of making video games.

Rockstar also hasn't responded to Kotaku's request for comment on the validity of what appeared to be a leaked memo distributed by Rockstar management regarding those allegations.

That makes today's artwork the first public reference - however indirect - by the company to the situation. The domes in the shot appear to resemble those of the San Onofre nuclear power plant located just outside of San Diego, home city to the developers of Red Dead Redemption.

The wallpaper appeared as part of Rockstar's recurring series of desktop backgrounds available for download on the company' s official site.


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