Rumour: Rock Band Network Launching Tomorrow?

MTV's Rock Band Network, an ambitious program aimed at letting "anyone" upload a song to the game's store, may be launching as early as tomorrow, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a piece on MTV's plans for the store, the WSJ piece opens with "MTV Games is hoping to goose sales of its flagging "Rock Band" series with a new service Tuesday that lets average users upload and sell videogame versions of their own music."

We knew it was launching in "early 2010", but hadn't figured on it launching this early, and with such little fanfare. As far as confirmation goes, MTV have already gone to bed, so when we all wake up tomorrow, we'll know if the WSJ are on the money or not.

WSJ: MTV Games Seeks Buzz For 'Rock Band' With New Service [Wall Street Journal]


    Damn, then I need to get RB2... but those cheap UK versions aren't on eBay any more!!

      Get a cheap NZ version - it's exactly the same.

    Shame they still haven't rememered to release Rock Band 2 here.

    Do you happen to know if the NZ version plays the AU DLC? (or the UK version for that matter?)

      Answer seems to be yes. There was some discussion about this earlier in the week here:

        Well.. there you go.. going to sell my US version (could never find anyone that would share account details with me) and buy the NZ version :)

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