Rumour: SOCOM Devs Working On “Star Wars: Battlefront Online”

Rumour: SOCOM Devs Working On “Star Wars: Battlefront Online”

Star Wars: Battlefront III may have been binned, but we’ve heard from sources that the series lives on, in the form of currently-in-pre-production Battlefront Online.

The game, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is currently being worked on by both Lucasarts and Slant Six Games, the studio responsible for SOCOM Confrontation and SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3.

The title is still in pre-production, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever hear more of it – Battlefront having become somewhat of a cursed property after the recent demise of original developers Pandemic and buy-out of BFIII developers Free Radical – but Lucasarts’ insistence on getting a Battlefront game made in spite of all that gives us hope. A… New Hope, even (sorry).

Battlefront Online is, as the name suggests, planned to be online-only, and is tentatively slated to appear in 2011.

Whether this game was the source of that “Battlefront IV” concept art that turned up last year is unknown, but our sources tell us that it is the source of those voice actor rumours from December.


  • omfg i cant to hear if this is in fact true, battlefront 2 was great and all the shots and such from the proposed battlefront III made me just upset it wasnt coming

  • It’d be far better if there were campaigns to do as well, and why make an online only one and not make a Battlefront 3 that would obviously include an online mode, this seems a bit weird.

  • I hope they learn from Bad Company 2 (Fun, Explode-able Environments, Balanced MP, DEDICATED SERVERS) and Modern Warfare (Lastability via thousands of unlocks). Not to mention Old Republic MMO – Rich Detailed Environments, like a painting come to life.

  • I cannot believe Lucas Arts would be stupid enough to entrust Slant Six with Star Wars. These guys could not even get Socom to launch properly and ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS MAKE A VERSION OF SOCOM 2 WITH NEW MAPS.
    They could not even do that correctly after promising to do so and I have no played Socom since and I was the biggest fan around.

  • Well, it’s better than having no BF3 at all, but if this does come out, they had better put it on PC, and have LAN connectivity. LAN play was most of the fun for me with BF2.

  • i wonder if they are going to do weapon custom like a scoped dc 17 blaster. Also the weapons better be even because in elite squad the blaster to weak, flamethrower to strong ect.

  • The Socom crybabies are just going to try and bash slant six more with this, on problems that were mainly cause of a game released way too early than it should’ve been.

    Besides that how would this work? BattleFront is multi-platform, a multi-platform online only would be kinda lame.

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