Samurai Shodown Sen Coming To Europe

Rising Star Games has snapped up publishing rights to SNK Playmore's fourth 3D installment of Samurai Shodown, releasing it in Europe in the second quarter of this year as Samurai Shodown Sen.

Already released in Japan as Samurai Spirits Sen, the latest 3D installment of the classic series was supposed to hit North America sometime last November, last we had heard, as Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny. November has come and gone with nary a peep from US publisher Ignition Entertainment. With North American fans reporting cancelled pre-orders from GameStop, let's hope Rising Star Games does a better job of delivering the title to PAL regions.

Check out the latest screens for the game below, as we wonder if this game will ever make it to North America, and if it's even worth the wait.


    What we need is a HD remake of Bushido Blade. That game was awesome. One strike can kill but matches would sometimes last for 15 minutes with skilled players. The ability to run around the unusually large arenas added so much strategy to the fight. Please someone make this happen.

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