SCEA: December Was PS3 And PSN's Best Month Ever

The holidays were kind to the PlayStation Family, with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network bringing in more sales than ever before. The previously announced 1.7 million PS3s sold during the holidays aren't the only holiday milestone Sony's bragging about..

A statement from Sony Computer Entertainment America notes that December 2009 was "the single highest selling month for PS3 hardware and software since its launch in the US," boasting a 90% increase in hardware sales, a 60% in software from the previous December.

And in terms of percentages that also confuse, the PlayStation Network had its "single highest revenue month, jumping 155% from December 2008 in North America." Sony says that Final Fantasy VIII was the most downloaded game of the month, with Q-Games' PixelJunk Shooter scoring the second place spot.

With NPD Group's monthly U.S. sales report due tomorrow, we're sure to have better comparisons for you so that you may more accurately fight the console war on each monolithic corporation's behalf.


    Overall sales on PSN can't be very good then. I have PJ Shooter, and the leaderboards show few people have played it.

    Only one person on my friends list (of 30) also has the game (based on trophies and leaderboard). Everyone seems to be playing MW2, KZ and Demon Souls at the moment.

      Or is that no one bothers to upload their scores?

        Scores automatically save online - unless you deliberately deselect it each time the game starts.

        Perhaps you haven't noticed - but you can easily tell whether someone on your friend list has ever played a game by comparing trophies.

        Even when someone hasn't unlocked any trophies for a game, you can see 0% after the first time they have actually played the game - even if they play it offline. Their profile is updated when they sync trophies.

        PJ Shooter is a great recent PSN game - along with Critter Crunch, Zen Pinball, and Shatter. Just a shame that more people aren't buying them on PSN.

    Glad to hear Shooter is doing well.

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