Section 8 Makes With The DLC

Section 8 Makes With The DLC

The first downloadable content for Section 8 is now live, bringing three new maps and 10 new achievements to TimeGate’s first-person shooter in the Seek and Destroy Map Pack.

Four months and change after SouthPeak Games released it, and Section 8 is finally getting a dose of downloadable content. The Seek and Destroy Map Pack features three new maps - Devil's Backbone, Hornet's Nest and Azure Basin - each playable in Multiplayer and Instant Action modes. Devil's Backbone sees players fighting over an energy plant in New Madrid; Hornet's Nest takes place in a narrow valley on the planet Titan; and Azure Basin features battle in and around a hydroelectric dam atop a mountain plateau. They certainly sound scenic! Hopefully the three maps and extra achievements will be enough to drum up a little online competition in the game, as the server population for Section 8 has never been what you'd call robust.

Seek and Destroy is now available for both the Xbox 360 and PC version of Section 8 for 560 Microsoft points, or $US7 for those of you unwilling to divide by 80.


  • It would probably help if the game wasn’t so terrible as well…

    I have never had such a hard time working up the will to play something, but i really want to review it for here… but my god it’s just so so hard to put the disk into my xbox and sit through the torturous gameplay and story…

    Anyone else find it somewhat amusing that they are releasing a new map pack for a game hardly anyone plays online?

  • Being a single player specialist… I never picked up this game.
    Can anyone tell me if the single player campain was worth the effort?

  • I played multiplayer for a bit when it came out when it came out, and enjoyed it, despite the single player being one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
    Stopped playing it a while back when they decided to take down every server in the world for a week or so, and haven’t gotten around to reinstalling since.

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