Sega Trading Project Needlemouse Info For Fan Art

Sega Trading Project Needlemouse Info For Fan Art

If Sega receives 100 pieces of fan-made concept art for Project Needlemouse Badniks, we can finally stop calling the next Sonic game Project Needlemouse.

It started with a trivia challenge, and now part II of Sega’s Needlemouse Challenge tests fans artistic skills. We can blame Deviant artist Trakker for this, as his concept art piece, seen above, caught the company’s attention. Now they want more. 100 pieces more. The price is steep, but the reward is never having to type the words Project Needlemouse again. I’m in.

What they want is 100 fan-crafted bits of art depicting Badniks from any of the 2D Sonic games in concept-art style. Create them, upload them somewhere, and then post them to the comments section of the Sega post below. Should the goal be reached by Monday morning, Sega will reveal the name of the new Sonic game.

If the goal isn’t reached, it’s Project Needlemouse for all eternity.

OK, probably not. I figure the name is coming on Monday no matter what, but pull out your crayons and your pencils anyway, just in case.

Project Needlemouse Community Challenge 2, New Concept Art, and a very special reward! [Sega Blogs]


  • There’s no way this game won’t be epic…. right? Guys? Seriously, Sega would have to try very hard to stuff this one up. Just have no story, no side characters, keep it simple and it will rock the house

    • I’m not really sure about that. Sega really hasn’t had to try hard to stuff that past few Sonic games.

      However, they certainly seem to be going in the right direction. Here’s hoping it turns out good.

  • The goal time comes and goes and shockingly they recieve only one peice of horribly drawn sonic sprites from some guy in his 40’s living at home.

    Amazingly, for some reason, people didn’t seem to care about a new sonic game and SEGA wonders why

    A true conundrum for future generations, or maybe its because SEGA totally alienated any fans they might’ve had left by the last dozen or two crappy 3d sonic games

  • That robot enemy that I’m seeing up there makes me very angry. That enemy type used to live in Metropolis Zone in Sonic 2 and was always situated in the least expected areas, the moment it saw you hurtling your blue spiky ass towards it, it would chuck its claw things at you, usually slicing you up as they were incredibly difficult to dodge those homing claw things. As Sonic I lost dozens of lives not to mention countless rings against those accursed critters. I hates them, I hates them forever!

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