Senior Citizen Rolls 40 Perfectos In Wii Bowling

Senior Citizen Rolls 40 Perfectos In Wii Bowling

Are you a Wii bowler? You think you’re good at it? If so, 86-year-old Jack Davis of Vandalia, Ohio, would like to speak to your arse. Because he’s going to kick it.

Davis claims some 40 perfect 300 scores in Wii Bowling, which he’s played more than 4300 times since he moved into the assisted-living home where he plays in August 2007. “What I like about it (Wii bowling) is, if you find a spot you can stay on all the time, you can get a pretty good score,” Davis said. “And, you get 300 once in a while.”

Now, 40 perfect games is not out of the realm of possibility for anyone, once you find that groove. Maybe the biggest challenge is staying committed enough to the game to log that total. Playing 4300 games of anything is hardcore by any definition, however, much less an 86-year-old guy. My grandfather is the same age, and when I stayed with him this summer, I couldn’t get him to try it even once.

Senior Wii Bowler Rolls 40 Perfect Games
[Vandalia Drummer News via The Wiire]


  • Once I bowled my first 300 game in Wii Bowling, I think I put the wiimote down and have never played it again since then.. that would be 2 years ago now..

    Still, elderly gaming is something to be cautious of!! My 68 year old father got a hold of my PSone I’d left at his house and fired up Point Blank and Time Crisis.. pulled a 9 hour gaming marathon without realising..

  • My grandparents get into the Wii each Christmas, either watching all the kids play or getting involved themselves.

    A friend was playing the new Ashes Cricket Wii game with his son, and as his son began to thrash his father, my grandfather yelled “Come on Shirley, are you gonna bat or should we get you a purse!”, to which I had to leave the room as I was laughing so hard.

    A bit later on, most of the people there had retired to the balcony, except my grandparents who we found playing bowling on Wii sports resort, over and over and over again.

    Say what you will about the wii’s hardcore catalogue, but when I see my grandparents who couldn’t stand computers enjoying themselves playing video games, I can’t think of many other products that can actually cater for the 8-88 market well.

  • Wii need to release the bowling ally hire shoes controllers to make things a little more realistic.

    There is nothing like going bowling and chucking a pair of hire shoes and feeling that they are still warm and a little moist. Ew.

  • Who knew gaming and senility went hand in hand, seriously though I’d be more impressed if he got like 3 homeruns, Wii Sports baseball is harder then contra.

  • I found a technique that guaranteed me a strike every single time…I stopped playing afterwards partly because of that. Also because Wii sports got a bit boring quickly for an 18 year-old guy.

  • I am a 53 year old man and have roll over 50/ 300 games on the wii and hav had 5/ 300 games in a roll.

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