Serious Sam HD Encounters Xbox Live Arcade This Week

Xbox 360 owners get a chance to revisit the 2001 classic first-person shooter, now with much fancier graphics, with the release of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter this week on Xbox Live Arcade.

Take your thinking caps off and settle in with some mostly mindless thing-shooting action, all for the low price of 1200 Microsoft Points. Which actually works out to $US15 for me in the States, which may not be as low as those fictional Microsoft bucks led me to initially believe.

If you can't wait until Wednesday to play, perhaps the PC version will suit your needs. More details on the Serious Sam remake at the official Xbox website.


    Yes, gawd, yes... finally, this was supposed to be out in early December. IMO very worth waiting for the 360 version, firstly for the Xbox Live functions, and also because... I don't want to play it on my laptop? Oh and aside from the Mapping/modding community, the Sam games have always been a lot more fun on consoles, IMO... and yes I did play the original... and yes, I'm probably about the biggest Serious Sam fan in existence.

    I'm only a bit disappointed that this is just the first encounter, only half the game as far as I'm concerned... But still, overjoyed that Sam is finally back <3 oh, and I will be reviewing this, haha...

    They're a few weeks too late for my points.. I picked it up on Boxing Day from Steam.. my GF grabbed it last weekend also from Steam
    Both at a much reduced price than the MS offer too.

    Now you can play Space Invaders in mindblowing 1080 HD !

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