Shia LaBeouf: Video Games Will Take Over

One of Hollywood's hottest young actors Shia LaBeouf (Transformers, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) might have lent his likeness to the Transformer games points out the obvious:

"Video games are more successful than films," LaBeouf told GamePro. That's not entirely true as Kotaku proved last fall; however, that is not to deride the success of games like Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV and Modern Warfare 2. Video games are still a relatively new medium when compared to cinema or, of course, music and books.

"It's just a different form of entertainment that's more of a tangible, visceral, emotional experience," adds LaBeouf. Video games are emotional now. They've become cinematic, but they're filled with feeling, meaning and hope."

And that certainly doesn't mean that video games are unable of eclipsing traditional forms of entertainment — they are already on their way there. And Hollywood actors are starting to get excited about what they can possibly bring to the table.

"As technology — and as these incredible artists that work on video games continue to push the envelope — the entire video game sector will explode," adds LaBeouf. "It's not going to go away. If anything, it will take over."

Shia LaBeouf: Actor, future predictor, eater of bananas.

Hollywood actors describe voice acting in games [GamePro]


    i dont mind shia labeouf hes a decent actor if a little over used

      You go wash your mouth out with soap!

      Sorry, just not a lebouf fan.

      ditto. i mean he may not be some oscar worthy performer, well no film he has done yet anyway.

      but most films he has been in i have enjoyed. Disturbia, Transformers and yes, even Indiana Jones minus the ending.

        thats what i think he was good in constantine and eagle eye and well my only gripe is that hes over used you see him too much surely thers another actor who can play the 17 to 22 age range

    Boo to Hollywood.

    HAHAHA the stock image. Im not a boof fan thanks :/

    Wow, he's a handsome chap, and he looks great on that pic. I like him in his roles... He gets the job done, I guess. Although, his affection for his mother is a bit sickeningly creepy and over the top!

    Say... that's a nice BIG banana you have there... *twitches brow" care to share?

    nice stock photo

    lol decent actor?

    That photo is brilliant.

    Not a Boof fan myself. I'm praying he doesn't get cast as Yorick if the Y: Last Man movie ever gets made. (I would even happily wait ten more years for this film, just so that he's too old for the role [In a perfect world, Jason Lee (as he was in Mallrats) would be the perfect choice].

    That's a lot of brackets, and quite off topic. Sorry about that.

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