Shine A Light On This Alan Wake Gameplay Clip

Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment, best known for its Max Payne video games, has released a gameplay clip of its upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, the thriller Alan Wake.

The clip is short — a mere 33 seconds. However, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip shows a little bit how the flashlight will be used in the game, the day-light cycle and how the "dark forces" enemies are sensitive to light.

Alan Wake was first announced back at E3 in 2005 as an Xbox 360 and PC title. The PC version has been put on hiatus indefinitely. The game will be released this spring.

Aitoa Alan Wake -pelikuvaa nyt Facebookissa – Katso! [ Thanks, Antti S.!]


    That looks awesome, so much better in the daylight though... I hope it's not all samey and repetitive... I've been following this game since it was announced, before (or very soon after) the 360 was released... I'll be very impressed and grateful if they get it out on time. This is a must buy as far as I'm concerned, and its console exclusivity is proof of the god awful state of the PC games industry...

    Even though we already knew that about the game. But its more than welcome - it's just about bloody time the game gets a release date!!

    Why doesn't Alan just start writing that all the dark forces all die and he finds his wife and run away safely to live happily ever after.

    Ohh thats right, then there wouldn't be a game. Good call.

    That was supposed to get me to buy the game? Uh-huh.

    Looks pretty freaky.

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