Shining Wind Figure Could Do With More Clothes

In the two years since we last saw a figure from PlayStation 2 RPG Shining Wind, things have taken a turn for the worse for lovers of fully-clothed video game heroines.

This figure, again from the Japanese master craftsmen at Kotobukiya, is of the Forest Goddess Elwyn. It'll be out in April, and will cost ¥9200 ($108). Lucky it's not out in January, or she'd freeze to death.

Shinning Wind features character designs from illustrator Tony Taka, who also did character design for Shining Tears. Both games, Shining Tears and Shining Wind, have been adapted into an anime fittingly dubbed Shining Tears X Wind.

セクシーな羽衣姿「シャイニング・ウィンド 森の女神 エルウィン」サンプルレビュ [Akiba Hobby]


    it's funny, because that would be the perfect outfit for the last few days of blisteringly hot weather we've had in australia :D

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