Ships Named For Star Trek Online

Cryptic held a contest to develop names for three ship classifications in its upcoming Star Trek Online MMO, and the winners have been announced. The winners get the game and a special in-game title for their characters.

Here are the ships, identified as Tier 5 vessels:

EMISSARY CLASS (pictured) Emissary Class Star Cruisers are the most advanced Cruisers in Starfleet. Generally the largest, most resilient ships in Starfleet, they have massive warp cores, which generate surplus power for subsystems. And they have large crew complements, which improves repair rate and other crew abilities.

LENGTH: 724m | DRAFT: 90m | BEAM: 255m

DERVISH CLASS Dervish Class Escorts are small, which means they don't have room for extensive engineering or science facilities. But, their weaponry, speed and maneuverability make them hard to hit threats in any engagement. The Dervish is arguably the toughest Escort in Starfleet.

LENGTH: 390m | DRAFT: 70m | BEAM: 306m

DESTINY CLASS Science Vessels have the most advanced technology in Starfleet. Destiny Class vessels are larger than most Science Vessels. They can accommodate a larger crew and advanced engineering facilities to support the ship when on extended missions.

LENGTH: 554m | DRAFT: 98m | BEAM: 211m

Winners (not identified in the announcement) get the game's Digital Deluxe Edition and the in-game title "Utopia Planetia Staff." So if you bump into someone with that, you know they helped name the ships. Obviously, some names were submitted by more than one person, so there are more than three winners.

Ship Name Winners [Star Trek Online]


    Im not liking "Dervish" much at all.

      Agreed, going to assume whoever suggested 'Dervish' was an ex-guildwars player.

    I was thinking Dervish class 'Mech, but maybe thats just showing my age.

    I didn't know what a "Dervish" was, so I looked it up.

    I'm going to assume that they named it because of the "manoeuvrable" bit, and not "sources of wisdom, medicine, poetry, enlightenment, and witticisms". Seems kind of... the opposite of an armed warship.

      ...and after seeing someone suggesting I check it on urban dictionary... oh dear. Oooooh dear.

      Hahaha Maybe by destroying them into submission they can later teach them about some sources of wisdom,poetry etc etc.

      All I can think of is the Dervish from Quest for Glory 2. Ahhhhh! Memories.

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