Show Us Your Commander Shepard

Almost all the Mass Effect 2 promo and marketing material shows Commander Shepard as a white, male, bald space marine. But he's not my Commander Shepard. And I suspect he ain't yours either.

With Mass Effect 2 out today, I thought I'd give a post over to a gallery of our Commander Shepards.

There you can see mine: Jade Shepard (a reference to Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, of course). She's a tough-speaking colonist, the sole survivor of the disastrous mission on Akuze, and an Adept who enjoys hurling enemies across the room.

So I want you to show us your Commander Shepard. You can either link to a pic in the comments below or email me instead. Either way, I'll upload your pics into a gallery in this post.

Make sure you include the following details: Name, Background, Class and whether you're renegade or paragon.

Oh, and feel free to send in pics of your Shepard from either Mass Effect game.

Here's John Shepard from reader JohnP: "He is a good sort - an Earthborn Infiltrator Paragon who was the sole survivor of Akuze. He also likes long walks on the beach and picking off them bat rasterd Geth with his Sniper Rifle. No ladies can resist this complete package, I mean, just look at that smile."

Here's reader Benjamin G's own Shepard. Name: Julia Shepard Background: War Hero Class: Vanguard Morality: Paragon

Here's reader Andrew L's John Shepard: "It had been two years since I last saw my Shep, and I was surprised I went with such a rough looking character. I aged him a bit - it's been two years and the guy did die - but I'm pretty happy with my tough as nails Renegade Infilatrator."

Here's reader Bilal R's Shepard. Name: Jade Shepherd Background: Earth Born, War Hero Class: Soldier Morality: Paragon

And Henry L's describes his Shepard thusly: "This is my paragon war hero Leonidas Shepard. A calm, charismatic leader."


    I'll show you mine as soon as you send out the prizes from the Mass Effect competition, David :P.

    I will be importing my ME1 save though, and from memory i named him Adrian Shepard, a reference to Adrian Shepard from Half-life: opposing forces

      Oh, feel free to add your ME1 Shepard's here.

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one that did that

      AHAHAAHAHA thats exactly what and why i called my shepard.

      .... now I don't feel special anymore :(

      Actually I use the generic Shepard. I like the face.

        same i used the original. i tried to make my own but he looked too buggered up. and i didn't bother imported my original ME1 profile cause i wanted to start from scratch, for a little bit more of a challenge.

    mass effect 2 is so bloody good i cant put it down, im already 5 hours in today.

    Getting it this afternoon.

    Io Shepard: female, spacer, sole survivor, vanguard who likes to lift people into the air and shotgun them.

    Getting it soon :). Just wondering does anyone know if you can alter your ME1 Shepard's appearance in ME2? There are things i'd like to change if I could. And, without spoiling anything, about when do you get the option to do it?

      Yes, you can completely change your Shepard's appearance. No gender-swapping as far as I could see, but all other appearance options are available. The most spoiler-free way I can tell you when you can do this is to say that it happens very, very early.

        Thanks steve!

        nice job and not letting on and not spoiling it. it's actually pretty ingenious the way they let you change your face and keep it right with the story line.

    I just keep default Shepard. I can't create anything creative :( (yet i still don't know why i got spore :P)

    But I am a bald white male IRL, my Shepard looks like me. Can I not join this club now?

    My Shepard looks like Bruce Willis out of the Fifth Element. Short white hair and no eyebrows. Sort of funny lookin' in a weird way!

    Another $90 for the same old experience.

      yeh but the same old experience isn't all that bad. infact i say the original was pretty awesome

      Sure, if by "same old" you mean "hugely refined". The old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies to Mass Effect 2 in two ways: most things that needed fixing in ME1 have been fixed, but everything that was great about the original is perfectly intact.

    I pretty much have the same Shepard as Dave's female, just with a darker skin tone.

    My ME1 Shepard was a short, asian female, sole survivor, spacer, tech with a huge scar (I seem to remember being able to change the scar size and placement). She was a tough as nails bitch who said all the meanest things but came through for the good of everyone in a pinch.

    From memory my Shepard from ME1 is Jade Shepard Renegade, Earthborn, Sole Survivor, Lesbian, Using the Jenifer Garner template but with black lipstick and black hair, don't plan on changing her for ME2 (well maybe hair style but thats it).

    Also have Harley Shepard who is a Paragon something something who will be getting a complete makeover as i can't stand his looks :D.

    I have Elizabeth Shepard, a spacer and sole survivor of the disaster on Akuze. She's was an infiltrator, but since waking up with Cerberus now finds herself a sentinel. She was very much a paragon, and now is looking forward to seeing Kaiden again :P

      ha ha your looking forward to seeing kaiden but in my ME1 i killed him. MURDERED HIM IN COLD BLOOD!! not really i just left him to die but still, you want to say hello to a zombie.

    I'd love to show you... but us Steam users have been gyp'd again! preload is complete, the timer has counted down, and still NO UNLOCK. All this because they want to play nice with the box shops like EB!

      I used a VPN to unlock/decrypt my steam version yesterday afternoon.
      Been running steam in offline mode since then.

    My Shepard (Elvis Shepard) is basically a bald space marine, I'm afraid, so he's probably not even worth uploading. I wanted to make him fairly ugly (he's in perpetual need of a shave), and I'm sort of disappointed that the huge cheek scar he had in ME1 hasn't returned for ME2.

    I have two Shepards, but I've only imported one into ME2 so far
    One's Alex Shepard, a battle hardened war hero who grew up as a spacer. He is an honest type, and he's a soldier.
    The other is Alicia Shepard, who's best described as a kinky bitch. She's an Adept and makes life for others as miserable as possible.
    I'll upload pics a little later if I remember.

    Does that bioware social site create character pages for ME2 like it did with DAO? That'd be an ideal way to show the character off.

    I feel kinda dumb for picking the default face now... lol.

      You should - I at least changed the hair/eye colour

    Johnas Shep.
    Sole Survivor
    Colony Born
    Xbox no pic. Sorry.

    He looks like Edward James Almos from Bladerunner. Could not get the face as pointy as his was back then, buy hey. It was close enough.

    For the record, I am still amazed at how different ME2 is from ME1.

      I just used my camera to snap a pic off the TV screen.

        Yet again, the simplest solution evaded me :)

        Cheers mate. I am afraid to send it now because to me he almost looks like Almos....but I know that he wont to others :D

        Thanks again.

    I just won that seek job ad thing... so as soon as i receive my "combat simulator" i can't wait to get stuck into it and get some freaky looking Shepard. Shep Shepard lives!

      Damn I was gonna call mine Shep Shepard >_<

    Been playing ME1 for about a week. Went with the generic face because all the media I'd seen has me identifying the face with the game. He's called Donkey Shepard. Someone has to look after the donkeys.

    Here's my Shephard, link provided:

    Looks nothing like me, unfortunately. I've finished ME1 and imported him into ME2; Level 39 Vanguard, Paragon.

      I apologize for double posting, and also for not reading what was required, my Shephard is:

      Name: Dazza Shephard
      Background: War Hero
      Class: Vanguard
      Side: Paragon
      Level: 39

    After vowing to wait till May to buy this game I caved and picked it up yesterday mere minutes before JB closed. So here's a camera phone shot of my Shepard:

    Name: Ashley Shepard (imagine my surprise around 15 minutes into ME1)
    Background: Sole Survivor
    Class: Soldier
    Morality: Paragon

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