Sign Up For The LEGO Universe Beta At CES

The LEGO Universe expands at CES 2010 this week, with hands-on demos, the first official gameplay trailer and beta sign ups available for visitors to the annual trade show in Las Vegas.

CES announced LEGO Universe's presence at the show's Gaming Showcase back in October, but it wasn't clear to what extent NetDevil would be showing off its building block MMO title. Turns out they've got big things planned, from the first hands-on demos to meet and greets with the LEGO fans who are lending a hand to the developers in order to make sure the game appeals to gamers and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

And of course, there are the beta sign ups. Currently the only way to be informed of beta news is to subscribe to the game's official newsletter. Hopefully online sign-ups will commence on or around the time of CES, which of course runs from the 7th to the 10th of this month. Horseshoe-shaped gripping appendages crossed!


    Huge, HUGE AFOL here (Adult Fan of Lego) so i'm really looking forward to this!

    Here's the link to sign up for the newsletter if anyone is interested

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