Six More Screens For MLB 10 The Show

MLB 09 The Show won wide praise for the strength of its visuals, and in these six screenshots SCEA's released, it's a solid bet MLB 10 The Show will live up to those expectations too.

I went back into this game this week to re-acclimate myself to it, since the March 2 release is not too far off. Right now, in Road to the Show, I'm an 18-year-old southpaw in Harrisburg, the Nats' double-A farm. I'm 7-2 with some great stats but man alive, we have the world's worst third baseman. He's not even a third baseman, he's a left fielder, so it's practically an automatic throwing error every time he tosses to first. Nice to see this franchise realistically captures the harebrained player development operation of one of the majors' worst teams.


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