Sizing Up The Apple iPad

Sizing Up The Apple iPad

How does the Apple iPad size up to other popular portable devices, gaming and otherwise? We’ve compiled a sizing chart that compares the iPad to items with similar functions, which could have folks digging out their old Etch-A-Sketches.

The iPad is definitely larger than I imagined it. It turns out our little throwaway joke about the Etch-A-Sketch is rather poignant, as it’s the closest in size to the iPad, so if you’d like to know what that’ll feel like in your lap, I’m sure you can find an old broken Etch-A-Sketch somewhere. Now all we need is an official Etch-A-Sketch application, and we’ll have the world’s stupidest reason to spend $US499.


  • The best comparison would be with an A4 piece of paper, because that’s a size we’ve lived with since birth. I can imagine an A4 page far better than how big an Xbox or PS3 is…

  • I just turned around to pretend to pick up my 360…. thats quite big. I too didn’t expect it to be so large.

    Still a pity its failed miserably I believe. Whats with the ports they’ve included. Stuuuuupid

    It does nothing for gaming. Tilting a device back and forth and side to side isn’t gaming. Its playing fun APPS not GAMES. Just an over-sized iPod Touch or iPhone thats OVER-priced too and just boring to play after 20 minutes.

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