Skate And Some Other Game Join Xbox 360 Games On Demand

The library of Xbox 360 games available "on demand" has expanded by two today with the addition of EA's original Skate and Brave? Brave: A Warrior's Tale? Something like that.

Pricing on Skate (aka skate.), as I see it in U.S. dollars is $US19.99. In line with budget pricing for Xbox 360 games, it seems, but a curious choice at this point, with Skate 2 available for about the same price and Skate 3 just a few months away. If you're wistful for the fall of 2007, Skate is available for digital download now.

The other addition is Brave: A Warrior's Tale, Xbox Live Marketplace informs me. That's from developer Collision Studios and publisher Evolved Games and, man, I don't recall ever hearing of this game. But if I were to satisfy my curiosity, it would set me back $US29.99 USD.

Who has played Brave: A Warrior's Tale and what can you tell this ignorant Kotaku editor about it?

Kotaku AU Note: Brave is $AU29.95 and Skate is $AU49.95 on the AU Marketplace. Explain those prices, someone!


    yeah brave kinda got like 2 on metacritic, get it if you feel sorry for the dev and want to give them money.

    Further AU explanation is needed for the Games On Demand price for Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts - $69.95!

    Are you in any way serious Microsoft? What are you doing? I bought this game new a year ago for $29!

      Not to mention that unless you are on iinet you will need to use up 4gb or so of your download quota.

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